♥♥♥ How to care best for your knits ♥♥♥

These knits are made with a lot of love so please wash them with care for their best life!!


Washing: hand washing is my preferred way, but a gentle machine cycle on 30/40 or below is also good! For best results dry flat on a towelled surface or a drying rack, hanger drying is not recommended. Always avoid tumble drying

Iron knits with steam on a medium heat to keep the pattern looking smooth n its freshest possible!!

For knits that have majority lighter colours I’d recommend being extra careful and using a colour safe detergent or using a colour catcher in the wash. The yarn comes from a separate company who make quality yarns and have assured colour fastness (grade 4) and are extremely unlikely to bleed when washing correctly. On the very rare occasion that yours has bled I’d suggest soaking the garment, researching treatments or taking to a dry cleaner.

Of course in a perfect world keeping washing to a necessary minimum and dry cleaning is the most recommended however I know that’s not practical at all!


Floats: if your knit has motif pattern it will most definitely have floats. Depending on the size of the pattern some will be bigger than others! These can sometimes get yanked; if so simply stretch the area about a little and it will return to normal.

When wearing jewellery please remember to carefully try n not to catch them on either the floats or knit itself, I’d recommend putting on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces after the jumper is on :)


Storing your jumper: folding storage is preferred as it helps keep shape. Hangers are ok but try and use the chunky n widest one you have, smaller hangers + gravity can result in the shoulders forming a strange shape, if this happens just steam gently back to normal with an iron.

Please remember to carefully put in coat hangers when storing to not catch a float if your knit has them.


Pilling/ bobbling: pilling is caused eventually by rubbing and friction from general wear, it’s a normal part of a garment’s life! To remove use a lint/bobble remover or simply cut with sharp scissors but being very careful to not cut the stitch below!l!