Size Guide



The vintage jumpers/shirts will have their own individual sizing/measurements on each listing! 


Each individual knit will have their own measurements, please see each individual jumper for sizing!

Measurements are taken from the widest point of the finished garment while laying flat.

Due to the box shape, most knits will be slightly oversized compared to 'traditional' sizing so please email me or add to the order comments if you’d like specific measurements for anything and I will try my hardest to match them!

 A good hint if you're unsure of what size to get is to measure the chest of your favourite jumper you already have! You can either check which size fits in that measurement or you can pop it in the order comments and I can match the size 

!!!!! These measurements on the listings are the sizes that the finished knit will be NOT what size you measure !!!!!

Also please bear in mind that custom size is only for made to order jumpers! I cannot change the size of ready made ones ☺


PLEASE NOTE: length can vary by due to patterning and the smaller sizes will be slightly shorter while the larger sizes gently longer but roughtly they will be:

Crop = 17/18in
Full = 26/27in,
  (this is taken from the shoulder seam to hem while the garment is laying flat)

If you require a specific length size of crop or full please include it in the order comments

The handmade jumpers are designed to be gender neutral so if you’re unsure of the size you need, try measuring one of your favourite jumpers or tees against the measurements below to see what size will fit you best!

and if you have any questions at all pls send me an email before purchasing :)