Do you take commissions?

Of course, I absolutely love making custom knits and I’m open to anything! I always have a wonderful colour selection and over 30 vintage and handmade patterns to choose from!

Drop me an email or a DM and we can chat about ideas and do some designing


What’s the lifespan of your garments?

With the correct care and a little love they can live happily for a long time! See the individual listing for the washing info.

However life happens and things do get wear and tear, and I want you to be able to enjoy your knit for a long time! I’m more than happy to do some repairs n refreshing. Drop me a message and we can arrange something!


What does GMMRS stand for and how do you pronounce it?

No cool or interesting story for that one unfortunately, it’s simply my real name with no vowels. It started as a silly screen name for websites that required a login. But when starting my business, a pal pointed out that it’s fairly memorable and it might be worth keeping.... and it’s stayed ever since!

And as for pronunciation, it’s just normally a mash of sounds that come out at once – totally up for interpretation! I love hearing everyone’s versions!


What part is handmade?

Every single part!! Each garment is knitted on my trusty 1980s domestic machine and hand linked/ sewn together to finish off! In fact the only electricity used for the making is a quick steamy press under the iron!

Sustainability within the making is super important to me and my values. In a world full of toxic fast fashion it means the world to me to see wonderful people supporting small business and shopping slow fashion instead.